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rowdycorner in torontofc

The Rowdy Corner

Shout out from Section 111 (aka "The Rowdy Corner").

Check out my livejournal and add me as a friend for regular TFC updates, youtube videos, and random football ranting from yours truly.

Here's my latest post:

Toronto FC vs FC Dallas - June 17, 2007 Highlights

A few FC Dallas supporters made the trip, and were treated to some beer that at least one couldn't handle.

In other news, the bus trip to Chicago has sold out! Thank god, I was stressing on it after putting myself down for 5 grand for the bus. Now we're going to invade Chicago with 2 coaches and over 150 people (a bunch are driving / flying down).

I also scored a single ticket to the opening Canada vs. Chile game of the U-20 world cup on July 1st. Great seat too, Section 113, row 3 (U-Sector represent!).

Tonight the mighty TFC take their game on the road and are up for a revenge re-match against the North East Revolution who initiated the team into the league back in April with a 4-0 loss. The Hideout is the place to be tonight if you want to watch the match.

I also signed up for the U-Sector winter indoor soccer league, where skill is actually frowned upon" and "ya have to have a pub. What do you think we would run around for an hour for the good of our health (have ya even seen me?), no, it's to earn yerself some time in the pub." Should be fun.


Nope, I deleted the first entry which was up for like 5 minutes when I set up my new soccer-specific livejournal.

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